SEO Hero Contest : News, Tips and Tests about Wix SEO challenge

YourText.Guru : Content Writer Best Friend !

Content is king, you have heard that a ton of times ! But writing content is harder those days than never. Your text have to please humans AND robots, you have to work like an author producing more and more words. Hopefully, a tool is born to help you writing good content for machine and human : YourText.Guru !

Kill Duplicate : fight against duplicate content poison

Duplicate content is a sneaky poison on the internet. Crawler and scrapper are more than human and most of the time if someone steal your content, you wont even know it ! As Google say, Content is King, so you have to protect it. But How ? Kill Duplicate is the best software to do it !

OnCrawl : SEO crawler and Log analyzer Score 97%

OnCrawl : SEO crawler and Log analyzer

Technical SEO is a must know those days, and you cant run a technical audit without crawling a Website. OnCrawl is a french crawler made for SEO Purpose, discover it !


SEO Hero : Worldwide Search Engine Optimisation challenge

The 16.11.2016, Wix, the editor of the free CMS well known, launched the biggest SEO Contest ever organized. The challenge is pretty simple, rank better for "SEO Hero" than Wix the next 13/15 March 2017 and win a 50,000$ rewards. Interesting isn't it ?

A lot of french particpated to the Wix SEO Challenge : Wanna read some news in French ? Here you go : SEO Hero by Sylvain Vandewalle : my attempt to the competition

As you can easily imagine, this website is participating to the Wix SEO challenge. As Wix want a challenge respecting Google Guidelines, I will do it simple with a review of what others are doing, news about wix website, etc...Well, 100% White Hat stuff in there. Well at least, because i'm a lazy french guy, i will use a lot of auto trad, will see if we can rank with poor content.

It's also an occasion for me to test EXTRA, one of the wordpress theme made by Elegant Theme. Will this theme be better for SEO than a Wix website ? Future will answear.

With Cédric, my friend from Fyher, this will be an opportunity to test somes of the new tools we made to improve our SEO.

DISCLAIMER : This site is made by love, but almost made for fun ! I'm from France, speak english like a spanish cow (can i say this in english ?), so no need to point at it :) 

Not an SEO Hero, i'm here to test and learn

To be clear, i'm not an hero, i'm not the best in SEO, and i'm not an SEO Hero. Around the challenge, I saw a lot of competitors promising to give the 50k$ rewards to some fundation like Cancer, Orphans, Poors... In the improbable case of my win, I think i will just waste my money paying a super "apero" to the French SEO community. I'm not really SEO either, I'm more like a "webmaster 2.0", specialized in e-commerce, loving doing SEO and CRO. But I also do SEA, FB Ads, content management, merchandising etc... But as I said, I love SEO, I love to fight on Google and I hope i will learn some SEO secrets during the Wix SEO Contest !

The best tool to use to write great SEO Content.

I'm mad about semantic. Latent semantic is my caviar. In France, especially at Caen, we are specialized in what we call "TAL" for "Traitement Automatique du Language" for "Automatic Language Treatment". If you need, you can also read this special post about SEMANTIC tools :

More about the SEO Hero challenge launched by Wix

Wix launched the “SEO Hero” challenge in 2016 offering participants the chance to win $50 000! The SEO Hero competition officially began on 16th November 2016; participants could then submit links up until 16th December 2016.

The aim of this Wix SEO contest is to create a new website presenting your SEO hero(es). The newly created website must be optimized for the search term “SEO Hero”, and at the end of the competition the highest ranking site when using the search term “SEO Hero” will be declared the winner! The “SEO Hero” term search will be conducted on Google by the moderator at 12 o’clock EST and 8 p.m. EST every day from 13th March to 15th March 2017.

When creating the new site, and to boost the chances of winning the Wix SEO hero contest, it is important to comply with Google’s general guidelines as well as Google’s quality guidelines. This will help increase the odds of Google finding, indexing, and ranking your website.

The participant must create a new, unique domain name and comply with all the contest rules. If you don’t follow the rules you may find yourself out of the running and this without prior warning. The full terms and conditions of the competition can be found via the website.

More about SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the term given to the process of improving the ranking of a website in search engines.

Search engines are there to help the internet user find exactly what they are looking for. So if you want to help people discover what you have to offer on your website and thus improve your business, then search results matter. SEO is necessary to help improve ranking, traffic, and visibility of websites in search engines and is extremely important in terms of marketing. A website with fresh content and increasing numbers of links will help improve ranking and the higher the ranking, the greater the visibility of the website.

For greater efficacy, search engines require several very important components. The words used on the website, the page titles, links to and from the website, the words in the links, as well as the reputation of the latter, all provide the search engine with the information necessary to find a website.

As most internet users use search engines to search for things on the internet, it is important for the website to be search-engine friendly. It is also essential to ensure the website contains the necessary terms and phrases to generate traffic, and that it is easy to share and like.

An SEO helps determine great content which in turn encourages the creation of relevant and authoritative links. Good use of words and terms make things clearer for search engines to find exactly what users are looking for, and a good SEO can do just that.

Thanks to all the French SEO Community, especially the SEO Caen Team for their help !