SEO Hero Constest Timeline

03/14/2017 is leading for the first day – Trolls are everywhere !

Do you know that we are in the final straitght line of the contest ? Wix is not announcing anything about the contest, which is so weird… But, waiting the final result (2 leads more and Walid will be the unofficial winner), we are trolling a little bit on Twitter and Google Hangout with Dimitri from Seo Hero News, Penrod, Patrick Stox (who is the only one taking time to establish a ranking as Wix shoul do, thanks for this, maybe Wix should recruit you ?) and obviously the french team. For me, it’s time to start to wrote my conclusion about this SEO challenge.

03/13/2017 Contest end like it begun, with one crying about what others does because he is not winning

We are in the last day of the challenge, just before the judge start to check the SEO Hero rank. I’m sad to see that Patrick Stox do not know how to loose decently. Since he is not first from the contest, he asked on twitter for Backlinks, 301 redirect etc… Exactly what he reported during all the contest, asking Google to penalize Wix from buying links or french competitors because they are just best at SEO challenge (challenge is the important word here) than him.

Now he understood that he definitely wont win, he is asking for the contest to be cancelled…

I’m sad to see that he is hijacked again, but well, when you split at the face of all your community, you have to assume what could happen, and negative SEO is a real part of our business those day… The worst is that he is accusing french guy for the hijack, with no clue, just because 3 french are ranking better than him… What a coincidence.

It’s sad, beacause he did a lot of work during the challenge and I respect that. I’ve no shame to say that i give a try with the same strategy as him and he beat me really hard, producing more and more interesting news about how the contest was going…

03/07/2017 After complaining about other’s linking strategy, P Stox is using 301 scheme

Take a look to 😉 As Patrick should say “I wonder how the judge will classify those backlinks”… I’m reading his blog since month, and i’m really surprised how he manage the end of the contest, asking for backlinks on Twitter since he is 3rd. Seems he advanced masked, and i’m respecting this.  The end of the contest will be interesting.

03/06/2017 Wix is recovering from Death

The 2nd Website Wix created for the Challenge (Gifted SEO Hero)  is making some epic “remontada”. So far, they are not hiding their linking strategy, using exact match anchor in their own blog, and in a lot of other article that seems press release coming back from pre-pinguin Area. For me it’s a good news, because if Wix is eligible with this kind of strategy (wich is legitimate for me, it’s us against Big G), they just cant eliminate anyone.

03/04/2017 Judge started to send Elimination mails, did you received one ?

Somes received an email by Ervan Hurvitz to tell them that their Hero Website is not eligible and disqualified from the contest. I did not received such email. Patrick Stox seems to have clue that Wix bought backlinks, i also have at least one clue of it, Wix tryed to push other Hero websites made with Wix CMS… So, will the Wix websites be disqualified to ?

03/01/2017 For the first time a french is taking the lead !

And with style ! Walid from is now ranked 3. 3 !!! Not 3 on SEO Hero rankings but 3 in the Whole SERP ! IS this a sign the filter is disaparessing as it did in ? Hope to !

02/28/2017 One SEO Hero try emailing for linkbaiting

I received an email from one of the top competitors from Facebook talking about the Contest and trying to grab some backlinks. Somes are still putting a lot of efforts to win the competition !

02/27/2017 One SEO Hero made a Video Game

Remember Stephane from ? He made a new addictive game to help you to wait for his tool results ! Enjoy !

02/26/2017 I changed a lot of thing on my home page and nothing is happening

I’m stuck aroung position 20, while others sites that have not done anything since month are ranking better. Or i suck at SEO, or SEO is dead 🙂

02/25/2017 There is almost three Hero Website working with Wix CMS

Befrore the contest, I knew the name of Wix but not a lot about their solution. I saw Wix linked on their main domain to three others SEO Heroes playing with a Wix site, their are all top 20 and at least we can said you can make beautiful site with Wix !

02/24/2017 Hit the bottom, but still digging

Today is a new sad point for this SEO Contest. No one is still ranked on top100. Worst, a lot of competitors are ranking above position 200. Google is putting lot of efforts to make you trust that “SEO is dead”…

02/23/2017 Wordpress heroes websites have encounter difficulties on the SEO Hero Rank

Don’ know if Wix CMS is good or not for SEO purpose, but looking on SEO Hero top 20 today i discovered that wordpress had difficulty to rank. In the top 20, there is 4 WP, the first is ranked 7 and i’m ranked fourth in our challenge ranking.

02/22/2017 Penrod is back in the game, it was an hoax 🙂

A friend of Penrod made him a joke sending him a phishing email to said him he was disqualified.

02/21/2017 Penrod is disqualified from SEO Hero Challenge !

Is he the first of a beginning long list ? Penrod Shero from received yesterday an email from Wix explaining him he have broken severals rules. Sad for you mate !

02/20/2017 The hijack of beanseohero is over !

Curious message on saying that duplicating and hijacking ranks from Patrick Stox was a mistake. Was this just a test ? Was this to soon in the contest ? Will see… But the fact is beanseohero going back to his first position of the Wix challenge

02/19/2017 is going fat

This is one of the Hero websites. Today, the site: command return 800 pages in the Google index, it is, so far as i Know, the Biggest website for an SEO Hero.

02/18/2017 Some SEO Heroes are testing adwords

Wix was the first to do it, now it’s Penrod Shero who is trying some Ads.

02/17/2017 SEO Hero Video Teaser !

Stephane, From made this super teaser about the Wix SEO Challenge ! Another good job from France !

02/16/2017 Taking a look to my GSC account

It’s been a while i did not check my links on GSC, wich is the better way to spot if you are under low quality links negative SEO attacks. So far i’m not having bad links, but it’s not a clue as GSC is showing me less refering domains than Majestic. It’s the first time i’m seeing Google less reactiv than another search bot.

02/15/2017 404 for

Do you remember the first Hero site from Wix ? The domain was not redirected to the new site but is showing a parking page or a 404 page, depending of the day. I do not understand

02/14/2017 I was hacked for Christmas, Beanseohero is hijacked for Valentines day

It’s the sad news of the day. Someone used 302 Google’s fails to hijacked Patrick Stox content. Thats mean someone totally duplicated all his content on a powerfull domain and is able to steal the first position from beanseohero. The domain is I lost a lot off time with my hack, hijacking is worst and there is no much you can do, so i wish you good luck Patrick.

02/13/2017 Wix is launching multiple Hero Website

Let me introduce you the new Wix’s hero Website. It seems that finally Wix used their 5 heroes websites possibilities. There is still 2 to discover

02/12/2017 Wix’s new website is finaly ranked on SEO Hero SERP

It took almost 3 weeks to Google to replace the old by In fact, Wix made a 301 redirect from their old site to the new one. So far, Wix is ranking 25 on the SEO Hero Challenge.

02/11/2017 French revolution is on his way

Today all the french SEO community worked and by hand to support their SEO Heroes. there was a lot of mention on Twitter.

02/10/2017 Patrick Stox apologized to me, there was no need

Few days ago, I saw on his timeline I read every day that Patrick, from Beanseohero, was apologing to me. In one side, i did not appreciate he reports to me for talking about the wix challenge in my seo presentation at SEO Camp Caen. As i said in my dedicated spot (and just like Patrick, i’ve to find ideas to write some content, which is not easy in this “nothing is happening” contest), french SEO community seems to work differently than the US one, we are more a band of Bro than adversory, so it’s normal for us to asking some help from friends. But in another side, i understand that it’s a part of his strategy for the contest and i respect it, as he is, actually, the number 1. As we said in french, “don’t act”.

02/09/2017 Today I will be working on my internal linking

WordPress, Drupal, Wix or whatever CMS you use is not good or bad for SEO purpose, what matter is the way you use it. For this competition, I decided to use a blog scheme which was for me the simpliest way to produce content. But blog sheme have a big problem in the SEO industry : your page are sorted by date, not by thematic. The newest, the highest. You can not control your internal linking and you can not siloing. I will try to avoid this.

02/08/2017 Some Data centers are showing betters ranking

I’ve just used to test the ranking of this website on multiples data centers, like i do every days. Surprised, 4 data centers are ranking me 77 on their own Google SERP ! Does this predict my future ranking ? Hope to, but i dont trust it, it’s not the first time data centers gives us false hope during this challenge.

02/07/2017 is ranked 2 on SERP !

Wouhou, at least one Hero Website seems to finally rank in page one ! Oh wait… He is ranking number two on Bing search engine 🙁 Sorry Walid, i’m sad for you to. Here is a compensation backlink to make you forget this sad news : : a free latent semantic tool

02/06/2017 Wich SEO ranking can you trust ?

It’s a touchy point about this contest, the final ranking will be etablished with a simulated human request, from New York, at 12. So far we are a lot who done a SEO Hero ranking. I regulary check those one :

  • Patrick Stox rankings on => was the best for me at the begininng but his ranking seems to be frozen since 1 or 2 weeks, should be interesting to know why ? The interesting point is that Patrick simulate the real comportment of the Wix judge.
  • => it’s a five minutes refresh ranking, well designed, i really like this one, but i dont know if we could trust it.
  • => The last one i discovered and seems pretty good to. So far i’ve seen it was the favorite off a lot of SEO Heroes
  • => This is mine. I rely on Serposcope (a “normal” ranking tools) and use to the Searchdatalogy ranking from French competitors.

02/05/2017 At least, my website seems to move a little bit

Remember, i was tired that nothing was happening so i decided to change titles and content on my homepage. 1 week later i get a little smooth move to the top, this website was usualy ranked between 25 and 30 on the SEO ranking, i’m now 18 with a best at rank 11 on saturday. On Google i’m like ranked 115,  with a best at 76.

02/04/2017 SearchDataLogy Included a Bing rank

The Bing’s SERP is funniest than the Google one for the “SEO Hero” request, that’s why Aysun have included the bing ranks in her follow up. As usual you can see it in my live ranking.

02/03/2017 Trying to change my home title to see moves

This year, the filter is big and long. I’m tired to dont see any moves on the competitor’s rankings, so I decided to take a risk and change my meta title on my home page, will see if it help something (so far, climbing or falling dont really matters, i just want to moove from my 25/27 rank on the SEO Hero !!!

02/02/2017 A new Hero Website for Wix ?

BREAKING NEWS : got a 301 to a new website : Is this a part of Wix strategy or have they been forced to moove their website ?

02/01/2017 Hey, what about to play on Bing or Qwant ?

It’s have been already 3 months than the Wix challenge begun. In 1 month and an half, the Wix contest will give us his result. So far, it’s impossible to say who will be the winner, as we are still filtered by Google. A funny thing is to look at the SEO Hero rankings on others Search Engines, like Bing or Qwant, which are not filtered.  If we were playing there, would be the winner and ranking 1 on the whole SERP, so, congrats Walid !

01/31/2017 is moving on SERPS but not on SEO Hero ranking

Weird thing… This website can move everyday from position 150 to position 80 on SEO Hero Google’s serp, but he never moves from the rank 25 on the Wix SEO Contest. This meen that all the competitors are mooving like a wave, if you climb, others climb to, if you fall, the other does at the same time. Is this one part of the filter effect ?

01/30/2017 I still received no mail from Wix

Do you remember ? I had to ask Wix on Twitter if this website was registered for the contest. The response was yes. But i still did not received any mail from Wix…

01/29/2017 Somes are receiving emails from Contest Judge

Somes of my french friends are recevieng mail from Ervan Hurvitz about their Google’s accounts.

01/28/2017 Wich WordPress cache plugin to choose ?

The most used plugin for caching and speed problem on WordPress is W3 Total Cache, but i had issue with it, sometimes, upgrades just broke your entire website. In France, we have WP Rocket, known as the best cache plugin, but it’s not free. For the contest, i decided to give a chance to Comet Cache. I just installed and one clicked the extension, and well, my Page Speed Insight is not that good so far.

01/27/2017 Does Page Speed matter as an SEO criteria ?

It was voluntary, i did not use a cache plugin on this wordpress at the beginning. New site, new test, i will use (starting today) the Comet Cache plugin.

01/26/2017 Wix wrote a blog post about the negative SEO they have been targeted with

My thought is that a “negative SEO” backlink campaign is the best way to hide some agressive backlink acquisition 😉

01/25/2017 Are SEO Heroes still playing ?

Due to Google challenge filter, nothing is happening actually in our SEO contest. I feel that somes are demotivated to be placed above 100+ on Google SERP. I can understand them, but there is nothing to do about it. SEO is about work and patience, that’s the lesson i’m recording there.

01/24/2017 Some SEO Heroes are more creative than me !

I found Benj Arriola’s hero website, and the guys is creating a lot of tools related to the Wix Challenge. Also giving technical tips to improve your SEO’s knowledge. Great job !

01/23/2017 Wix is sending emails anouncing their website, i still dont received my confirmation email

Some people are saying that Wex had sent a mailing to their newsletter’s subscriber with a link to their Hero Website. Well, the SEO Hero school is a pretty good website, i can understand them. But hey Wix, could you send me my confirmation email ? I dont even know the mail i have to give access on my analytics and Search Console !

01/22/2017 One is not happy with me asking for help in my SEO conférence

If someone else than me read the beanseohero blog, he knows that the guy who wrote like to give good and bad points. I had one good point first when he saw this website, but had another bad point yesterday. Patrick seems to be shocked that i could ask for help from my hero campaign. Even if he was not there to heard what i really says. Well mate, i’m really sorry that i disapointed you, you dont wrote nothing since this date and i really hope i’m not the cause of it 😀

01/21/2017 I talked about SEO Hero in my SEO Camp conference

I was talking about e-commerce and have some words about this SEO challenge, tryig some IRL linkbaiting.

01/20/2017 Is Wix buying some links ?

Hell yes ! I’ve got a personnal evidence about it, when i asked some guy to mention this website in his article talking about the Wix challenge. He said me that he cant because he is having some “deal whith Wix”, and guess what ? Wix School is linked in this article ! Other participants are also complainings about Wix buying articles, so it seems to be more a fact than a rumor. We are now far far far away from Wix contest rules…

01/19/2017 Wix have enough money to promote their website during Super Bowl

Well i’m more specialist about US Open, but i heard that Super Bowl was the biggest event in USA, and a spot during half time was the most expansive. This is related with the point before. If Wix is buying backlinks, we just cant follow their budget !

01/18/2017 Does Google really understand “time” like an human being ?

There is a lot of fantasm about Google comprehension and Artificial Intelligence. In France we are used to say that Google is clever as a 6 years old child. I’m actually faking the date on my timeline and my blog post, hope that big G wont see it 😉

01/17/2017 Writing in english is a real pain in my hero’s ass

I’m tired to write those review, but it’s difficult for me to talk about technical SEO in an other language than french. I will try it in my new article category : SEO Hero Tools.

01/02/2017 Everything is working Normal

It’s take me time, but i rebuild all my website on a new server. Hacking is now Over

12/24/2016 I’ve been hacked 🙁

Serious thing have begun, my Hero Website (and my whole server) have been hacked with some obfusced PHP injection

12/20/2016 Did you received Eran Hurvitz confirmation ?

It seems that a lot of challengers received the confirmation email from the moderator, in which one you can find access to the shared Google Drive folder where you can upload all the source code from your website. All my french friends received this email yesterday. I did not received nothing, wich is making me a little bit nervous.

12/18/2016 How many participant are really competiting

Some of the competitors started to received confirmation email from Wix for the contest. A reference number is assigned to each websites. So far, Penrod get the number 1964. If we assume that the reference strated to zero, this mean that we can say that, at least, two thousands of hero websites are competiting. Wich also mean a minimum of 400 challengers (remember that one person can subscribe 5 domain names)

12/17/2016 Is Rand Fishkin managing the Wix SEO Hero Strategy ?

If you have seen the Wix hero website for the contest,, you have seen Rand, the Moz CEO, everywhere. Wix decided to brand all his website with Fishkin image. So far, lot of us thinks Rand is playing for Wix, but Stox is saying that Rand Fishkin do not even knew that Wix will use his name ! This is a really weird situation, because Fishkin is not confirming nor infirming any fact. Are they negociating an arrangement ?

12/16/2016 One month later : strategy ajustment

It’s been one month since the contest begun. It’s a little bit sad, but there no surprise there, with thousand of SEO’s buying SEO Heroes something EMD in a short period, Google is now applying is special “SEO challenge filter”, remaining us at the SERP ass giving no visibility to a large proportion of particpant websites. Well, for some freshness, i’m strating this shitty timeline on my home page to give my site some credibility.  I’m also preparing more free tools and more tutorials around SEO technics, just to have something to say.

12/15/2016 Some wayback content

What to say yesterday today ? Stox still having the lead, being the one on first page and the actual contest winner. Well, will see what future has for us, but being ranked to soon is not ever a good point. Be sure all the Hero Websites with large visibility will be targetted by some NSEO, be ready to disavow some links Patrick, i fear Scrapeboxer are coming.

12/14/2016 Who the hell is Pyrain ?

A new top 10 entry today as directly entered the top 10. But it seems to be a false alert because this domain was first registered on . So same question as usual, does the competitor knows that is website is under disqualification or is this someone keeping warm an expired one for further utilisation ?

12/13/2016 Where are you my deutch friend ?

Hell, what happened to ? Totally disapeared from the SEO Hero serp when he was a serious number 2 since days. Filtered ? NSEO ? Spam Reported ?

23/11/2016 Rules i have to respect

First, the domain have to be registered after 16.11.2016 => Done. The all the competitors have to respect Google Guidelines, which mean a 100% white hat challenge. But the most important rules and not the well known is the 14.8 chapter in Wix Rules as competitors havent the right to “interfer with others challengers”, which mean you cant talk about others websites (dont matter if you are talking good or bad) => have to change my whole strategy…

20/11/2016 What will i do on this websites

For the beginning, i will play it lazy, with some weekly reviews about the contest (for content freshness and simplicity). It seem to be the most choosen strategy by a large part of competitors.