Last week, everyone who is following the SEO Hero challenge have seen former number one, Patrick Stox, being hijacked with a duplicate content attack.

Duplicate content is a real pain in the ass, most of the time you do not even know that someone is using your content, and when you know it you do not know what you can do.

Kill Duplicate : an SaaS french tool to track your duplicate content

Kill Duplicate is a french tool, made by Paul Sanches, one of our best SEO. Paul is also running, trying to win the wix SEO Hero challenge.

The tool help you to fight against one of the most sneaky poison on the Web : duplicate content. Duplicate content can have many looks :

  • Someone is stealing your content (scrap etc…)
  • You hire a redactor and he is stealing the content he sells to you
  • Your text is so common that someone allready wrote it just like you

The thing is that most of the time you totally dont know that your content is being duplicated. You can search on Google, but you will lost a lot of time searching, and if you find something, you wont know what to do.

Hopefully, there is a solution for you, made with love from France : Kill Duplicate !

What you can do with Kill Duplicate :

The interface is quite simple. First of all, you have to register a website to scan it. Here is how you can do :

Register a website to scan

There is almost nothing to do : add a website / add urls you want to spy on (in your quota limit) / start the scan

Once the scan is done, here is the information you will have :

Here you have your url’s listing, you can see in 1 second wich pages got duplicated problems

Here are the quick action you can do to learn more about the page wich is duplicating you : see the cache / site: / info: / cloaking detection

You can mark a page as duplicate or not

You can see wich part of your content is duplicated on the spoted website

Here you can take special action to fight against the duplicator : Contact website / Contact Hosting / Filing complaint / Mark as resolved

Special Bonus : scan a text before publishing