SEO Hero: International SEO organised by Wix contest

Tired of the endless criticism regarding the ability of his CMS to ranker, Wix to decided to organize a massive international SEO contest using Wix versus the rest of the world. The issue? Nothing less than $ 50,000. Cash.

A keyword to rules them all: SEO Hero

WiX has decided to play classic, with a well known SEO Contest mode: a key word common and known to all, a period of predetermined competition, and roll youth. That is what will make this unique competition you ask? Without a doubt, its huge prize money of $ 50,000! Such an award will attract the best SEO in the world (we will see below that the best-known french are already in the race) and it‘s a real opportunity for the profession:
You can participate in the contest and test its postulates.
We can follow the evolution of the SERP and learn a lot
In short, this can and must benefit everyone, whether you are just curious of the SEO or the business professional.

SEO Hero contest rules:

Like any contest, this one has rules.

Here are the most important rules of the Wix SEO Contest:

  • The end of the competition‘s SEO Hero
  • The contest will run from November 16, 2016 to March 13, 2017
  • You have until December 16, 2016 to register your participation.
  • It’s a contest on Google SEO only
  • A statement of position will be performed every day at 12 h 00 and 20 h 00
  • The winner will be the one with the best average placement on this period (Precision: the period runs from March 13 to March 15, 2017, it is therefore an average rating over 3 days)
  • In case of tie, a sudden death will be held March 16, 2017 at 12: 00
  • The winner will be announced 15 days after the end of the contest.
  • Ervan Hurvitz will be the referee of this contest. It is the CEO of MRKT306 INC.
  • We must respect the guidelines of Google, the competition is so White Hat
  • The competition area must be purchased after 11 16, 2016.
  • You will need to give Google Analytics and Google Search Console access to the arbitrator
  • Local results will be not taken into account
  • All in all, there are 20 pages of rules that you can find in the PDF of Wix here: SEO Hero contest rules
  • The rules of this contest ask a lot of questions about the fairness of the competition and I would approach this vital point in a future article.

My opinion on this SEO Contest:

I have a mixed review. I‘m probably too cynical, but I can’t imagine a big company like Wix taking the risk of being humiliated in public, and the risk is great, by not one but dozens of sites that would pass in front in the SERPS. However, my ambient paranoia does not take precedence over the great excitement generated by this competition. It must be my tennis player mentality and the smell of the competition, but I think that our business may well take advantage of this projector stroke which may be media (relatively speaking) and at the very least we should have a lot of fun. I take part in the competition, very modest, as my boyfriend Jacky. See if the Normans associate or go to war

Immediate SERPS mooves :

The lure of money attracts so many people (QED), and the American, Russian and Chinese are also entered in the dance. The serp already moving a lot. I set up surveillance of the query on SEObserver and here’s the 1st movement in 4 days (or Wix is already a sheet ^^)

EDIT 01/25/2017

What about WIX ?

Wix launched this challenge first of all because they are tired to be the target of SEO’s critics. They are a lot saying that Wix CMS is shitty for all the SEO basics. So far i did not ever used Wix. As i dont wont to die idiot, i will get it a try, in parallel of this contest, to see if i can ever rank better with a wix site than a wordpress site. Fyher participating with a from scratch site, it will be a good test to see what rank the best. But well, what is Wix and why are they the target of so much scepticism ?

Wix is a mess for SEO stuff some SEO says

Search Engine Optimisation is a rough job that need a lot of knowledge, and most of all, experience. The first step to a good SEO stuff is a website technicaly undersandable by search engines bots. At least, Google can (and do) index Wix website. The only way to know if Wix is good or not for seo is to test the Wix product. Wich i will do during this challenge. At first sight, i can say that you can make modern designed Websites.

SeoHero School : the wix hero website

Finally, the Wix website participating in the challenge was put online on 6 december 2016. It seems that Rand Fishkin, the well known CEO at Moz, will manage the SEO strategy from this site, which putt the contest to another level.

What is a true SEO Hero ?

Wix SEO Hero contest, wordpress, CMS and tips

The Wix SEO Hero Contest is launched ! As always in an SEO comptetion, Google’s serp will be the judge, and only his algorithms should now who will win the search performed Wix Contest.

What to do if you win ? Internet + Don

To start the Wix SEO Hero Contest, you have to create a website. This Website have to work hand by hand with version Google. But focusing on SEO should be a mistake, as social network may help ! The Wix challenge is a contest SEO worldwide, ruled by rules. At the end, if you want to win, the modo have to find you in his result. Every Hero Wix who are participating in the SEO Hero Contest have a contest rank today, and this is a social thing.

Moderator will do his job and we have news from Wix

This is a great news, we created an hero google who will be SEO and SEO friendly. There is some tips, some help, some links, some rank, and this add competition Wix ! Hero contest is all about things and business, registered at search engine daily.