Continuing with the tools i use in this SEO competition. Today we will talk about technical SEO and website readability

Oncrawl : Advanced web crawler for optimizing the SEO of your Hero Website

When we are webmaster, we never really know exactly how Google is interpreting your Website. Oncrawl Advanced is a tool which allow you to detect technical problem in your website conception, and so far, to optimize your SEO by fixing failures.


Google Bot : the only visitor who matter when it’s about optimizing your technical SEO

Google crawl the entire web to index as much as possible website. Their crawler is simply named Google Bot. Google bot does not see a website like an human being do, sometimes he can see more, and most of the time he can see less (example with NodeJS). To make some technical SEO improvment you have to view your website like Google does. That’s what OnCrawl does !

On – crawling

Well, tests are better than word, so I created a demo account and crawled this website with the tool.

Here is my dashboard for You can see that I have 21 pages actives with an 404 error. At this stage, I can export pages, links and explore DATA

What do I learn here ?

  • I have 21 pages crawlable
  • All are indexable
  • 19 are compliant
  • 1 got a 404 error
  • I have no page with duplicate content issue
  • Page depth is 1 for the home (obvious) and i’ve got no page deeper than 2 because all my posts are linked from my homepage
  • My load time is good (thanks what I did there : optimize the speed of your Hero website)
  • I’ve got 1 internal links tagged “No Follow” (got to check this !)
  • I got one 301 redirect : the author page, I did it on purpose.

What do I learn here ?

  • I’ve got 5 pages with a short title length
  • All my titles are unique
  • I’ve got a lack of words in my meta description
  • 3 pages dont have meta description
  • H1 are goods
  • 3 pages have more thant 10 h2 (is this a problem ?)
  • 12 pages have a complete open graph

What do I learn here ?

  • My text to code ratio is 4.34%. This is not a surprise, i’m using a WordPress Premium theme.
  • I have an average of 714 words per pages
  • 1 page is considered poor
  • 21.05% of my images has an alt missing

Other dashboard you can have with Oncrawl

Beacause this website is a small one, I got poor data for some OnCrawl Option. But, i have to mention some functions wich are really kicking ass :

  • Internal Duplicate Content Audit : so far, OnCrawl is the only tool I know able to find your internal duplicate content. Trust me, when it’s about an e-commerce website, this data is really precious
  • You can also see your website architecture like a bot
  • You can have dashboard for your performance insights
  • Last but not Least, OnCrawl come with his own Open Source Log Analyzer.

Conclusion about OnCrawl webcrawler

On my own, I usually use Screaming Frog, because for the work I do, i dont need to crawl my websites more than once a month. But, when it’s about making some reports or audit for customers, I allways use OnCrawl. Graph are easy undersandable and price is really attractive.

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