SEO Hero: or is we spent a week of competition?

It is now a little more than a week that started on the keyword SEO Hero wix SEO contest. So let’s do a quick State.

How many participants to this contest?

From my side, on SERPOSCOPE and SEOBSERVER, I currently monitors a list of 30 active participants. Another site list this day 86. In short, the enthusiasm is there. Except error on my part, forgotten or hidden desire to move forward, we are 13 french toparticipate more actively in what is probably on course to become the biggest SEOContest (in gains as participants) never organized.

A priori no filter “contest” at Google on the SERP SEO Hero

Those who have made “alphabet” last year remembers, we had the major party contest without ever stand, which had eventually discourage many, yours truly included. See the movements of the day (12 positive movement), it seems whether for the time saved level filtering and the SERP react more or less normally.


And what about the rules ?

Almost all serious participants took to Wix or party Eran Hurvitz, the ‘judge’ on Twitter and by email for clarification on much too vague rules which almost give full powers to Wix to disqualify everyone… Except them.

These complaints have remained dead letters. This does not reassure all the skepticson the fairness of the competition.

I add that after peeling the Bazaar, we realized that the disqualified would warn, so impossible to know before the end of the competition if you are still in the race.

The WIX site which is supposed to “win the contest?

They prepare a bomb site, either they are so much on them that they will not hurry,or they are not very interested by their own event… Still is it that at the moment or I write these lines, Wix has always failed online seoheroschool, the site with which they are supposed to compete.

And the atmosphere of the competition in all of this?

At the French, it’s good, already because those who already put their prod site are all night in the top 100 (leadership returns to Paul and Melvin currently), then because this contest woke the instinct of competitors from some of our ‘dinosaurs’, resulting in a beautiful Exchange on a private discussion group for participants.

At most of the foreign competitors, it‘s good child too, many are here to learn, notbad looking just to humiliate Wix in him putting a beating, and others are the final victory. However all is not rosy…