Wix just publish their final ranking for the SEO Hero Contest, and i’m pretty sad to see Seoheronews ending 2nd of this competition.

Seoheronews is not 2nd but 5th

First of a long list, Hero News is not the real 2nd of this contest, he is only 5th on average and climbed just because he took a lot of efforts reporting others who was behind him.

Here is the list :

  • seo-hero.ninja
  • beanseohero.com
  • seo-hero.io

Hero News is an Hero Bitch and his Super Power is his capacity to reports everyone better than him

Below, you will find evidences that Dimitri was the one reporting to the judge. He did the same for all the sites which was better than him


PROTIP : After you rat on someone, never forget to lick his ass !

Of course, you cant be a good bitch if you dont blow others a little bit. First of all, you can blow the boss, explaining him how he is great hoping you will get a little reward from him. Of course, you can also blow your mates, maybe be they will give you an hand. And you know what, Dirty Dimitri tried to blow me to !

Oh Wait !!! Dimitri put a black hat spamco on my website ! Maybe I was not the first ? Let’s take a look to his backlinks !