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Every hero needs weapons to fight their ennemies. Every SEO needs tools to fight on SERPS

YourText.Guru : Content Writer Best Friend !

Content is king, you have heard that a ton of times ! But writing content is harder those days than never. Your text have to please humans AND robots, you have to work like an author producing more and more words. Hopefully, a tool is born to help you writing good content for machine and human : YourText.Guru !

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Kill Duplicate : fight against duplicate content poison

Duplicate content is a sneaky poison on the internet. Crawler and scrapper are more than human and most of the time if someone steal your content, you wont even know it ! As Google say, Content is King, so you have to protect it. But How ? Kill Duplicate is the best software to do it !

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SEO Hero tools you need to rank 1 on New york (October)

Are you a former competitor of the Wix challenge ? Are you an SEO Hero ? Then you know that you have to rank on Google for the SEO Hero search term. The rules are clear, you have to respect Google Guidelines to be eligible on the final ranking. So, you can forgot about your PBN hosting. Sadly, the SERP is actually filtered and there was no mooves between december and juanary.

Tools (you can call them weapons) are all about data and number

If you are used to read the marketing game, you already know what i'm talking about. A lot of SEO Hero are talking about making a don if they win the 50k$ reward, you can read it on social media. Images and backlinks are real, no spam linking will be allowed ! Then now take a look about sites traffic with my tool : the SEO Hero live ranking. A lot of SEO heroes made some SEO Hero tools as you can see on Youtube. Links tools are also needed, i'm using SEOBserver myself.

Is your website Online ?

There is many way to know if your website is actually online :

  • check your Analytics website number on your favorite tool (Yandex, Google Analytics, Piwik...)
  • check your http response code with a webcrawler you made like i did.

SEO Hero tools are super, including cool's stuff like site and media and going so far for our business. Tools aslo read well your website content and SEO hero tools are going social and Wix related. There is also an Australian SEO playing with Search Engines since july and june until august and september, this seo consultant have a PBN hosting !