SEO Challenges : defenition, strategy, history, why you have to do one !

SEO is above all a world of passion and this passion feels in the SEO contests that the SEO community organizes regularly.


Contests are a very good opportunity for all consultants in referencing France and elsewhere to test new techniques, confirm or inform assumptions in a competitive universe without taking any risks because we play with sites created for the competition.

SEO Challenge : Definition

A search contest is, as its name indicates, a contest that suggests to its participants to position as best a website as possible on a search engine (usually Google) for a given keyword or keyword and a given date.

The SEO competitions are generally appreciated by professionals and enthusiasts of referencing (participants or not) because they are an opportunity to assert skills, but also and above all, to analyze the results of the results achieved.

To prevent the results from being blurred, the SEO competitions usually focus on invented keywords or unlikely combinations of keywords.

To avoid the effects of pre-dating and to place all participants on an equal footing, the domain names used must be created specifically for the competition and not include the target keyword.

An example of a regulation of the SEO World Cup SEO competition (keywords Pandanarol):

An example of a list of a participant in the SEO competition that shows the type of words used.

Learning More about SEO challenges

It was in 2004 that the SEO competitions appeared. Ten years later, they are still present in our environment, although somewhat less frequent, but are more familiar to the SEO community and the Web in general.
Between Stork Eater, Globalwarming Awareness 2007 or Alphabet, many tests have been carried out, vocations have appeared and the environment of SEO has evolved. Through this conference, we will draw the history of competitions, techniques, and also the trends and consequences of some SEO competitions.
Who remembers the time when Wikipedia was not nofollow?
Some may remember a time when SPIP was a little known CMS or even the content was not something so important that it…

Webmasters who are passionate about site optimization, referencing and positioning in search engine results face each other from time to time to place their first site on the results of a search engine. One can ask what is the purpose of an SEO competition.
The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) contests are used by professional or amateur amateurs to evaluate their knowledge, to learn and to be fun.
The first SEO contest (referencing or MORE precise positioning) was organized in the United States in 2004 under the name SERP, abbreviation of Search Engine Results Page. The objective was to position a page or site first on with the keyword (keyword) “SERP”.
It was in March 2004 that France saw its first competition, through the Promoweb agency and its competition of stork stork.
Since my arrival in 2006, many competitions have emerged: Loupanthère, chocoku, Cobraoutaxi, Kablumy, Globalwarming Awareness 2007, Combat Combat III, Stockbanddonné, Kablumy, Seocontest 2008 or taupe mole. There are also Francophone competitions for students, such as Kablumy, Schroumyziguac or Citraubien.

In order not to hinder the searches of Internet users, the keywords of the contests do not mean anything. If I tell you chocoku, you think about what?

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