In all I have done three Seo contest since 2014, all the competitions do not look and you reserve a lot of surprise, in this article I will unveil certain things that are rarely addressed during the balance sheets made for the Seo contests.

You’re going to lose much of your precious time

It is probably the worst, price by the enjeun, you will spend hours on your site, invest a little money sometimes, once the contest ended and surely not win, you will think first having done a good deal in terms of experience and testing of techniques. FALSE! The ecosystem of a competition has nothing to do with a classic SERP because the fact that XXX SEO crado disembark at a stroke on a key word most invented completely false the analysis!

The time you lost could be used to mount a site that make $$$ !

Indeed, all of this past time, these posés, the built-in network network and these expired areas could have been used better! To make a site that in the end really reports money! Who will still be interested by the SEO Hero once the contest finished?

Winning a Seo contest brings almost nothing

Following my third place for the first competition in 2014, I was well decided to do much better for the 2014 seasons and this was the case because I flew for two months the competition of Auvairniton Bourgrire, except that I was expecting everything that would follow…
First of all, I had lots of opportunistes who arrived in my mail box, in MP on rankseo or on Skype, there were several types of people, those who flatter you to get benefits with fares that border the discount of Madagascar, but there are also those who do “buddy” only a few authors accounts on your network of sites.

The best way to kill backlink spots

If you’ve followed this contest, so you know that my theme was the Second World War, so I dropped at the same time very good spots to place Raymond Oesknar’s links, except that several SEO found all the spots in question with the online tools and came plant their links for godasses or sites of Q! Balance sheet, 80% of the spots are closed, which indirectly damages the referencing I made for Raymond Oesknar.

Come first to a contest offers you the job!

FALSE! I have had a few heads hunters who have contacted me but always in mind to make you scratch as much as possible for a minimum of money, stop thinking only win a contest SEO will throw you in the middle in an exceptional way, I consider only having won the respect of some people but at what price I…
You won’t win twice!
And that, I understood right from the start of the 2015 competition, direct attack on my second levels in order to weaken my accommodation in the first hours of the contest, three different NOEL over a small period of two months, which has saved the domain is all the quality links that I have managed to have with the content that goes with it.
Let’s see that you’re talking, so let me take a little advice to the SEO beginner who could come on my blog, the Seo contests is good, but in no way abuse it would be to redo.

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