So here’s the magic solution, learned from an old SEO Contest I did in France, the one that will allow you to win all the SEO competitions that will come to you in the coming months, following the instructions and explanations that will follow you will dominate the SERP as someone before. So I’m presenting you with the keys to your future future, that of a winner not of a looser who ends up with shame 15th on #SEOHero.

1 – Publish regular content

Ends of joke… I just want here to return to the contest stage, from how I saw the work of my competitors that I loved and perhaps less loved. What I take from different strategies or strategy elements used.
Honour to one of the best of competitions : , the volume of pages published and regularity in publication are for me an element to keep in memory , this is clearly a point to take into account in an SEO world post-panda and post-penguin and on a competition even more.

2 – If you can, make some Buzz

Beyond the buzz and the sympathy that the author has succeeded in generating around his site, it is mainly the fact that he did a very effective linkbaiting campaign that allowed him to have on a hundred sites of real and beautiful BLs, what to add to the use has full regime of his “buddies” to whom he has requested a link from the start of the contest.
Let’s move to the third and solid here as well as an SEO Hero, this team relied on a solid network of knowledge to ask for BLs but in addition to a very important personal network to put a very clean BLS layer to support the site, so many content on the site to give a credibility to GG eyes.
Then go to these two sites have different strategies but find themselves on a particular point (besides sharing the most beautiful and creative design of the competition)… arrive fast and strong as soon as possible to avoid any NOEL type and enjoy a surprise effect. Personally I think that this is not a winning strategy (in the sense of the first place) on the other hand to place itself without doubt is very clever.

3 – Act with discretion

Since we speak of intelligence, I think one of the best strategies (but poorly paid at the end) and that of this seohero website, I’m consulting you to read its debrief of the very interesting and transparent competition on its strategy, which essentially is to be present at first page but under the NOEL and d radars’try to boost the end, a strategy to keep in memory next time.
And this Website in all this???? Everything was in the name and theme, create a network of satellite sites, push them to pass the juice to it (via links or 301). The “satellite” network was mounted on expired loq (+ or – 20) with a history and some good BLs. I also used a web network of sites with simple links in footer. My strategy summed up two thirds of the competition with a certain success. But the rest showed me that it was far from enough (see very far…). I have for a few days died to see how the SERP moves to start doing 301 to add a layer of BLs and diversify the anchors (too many “buy links”, “viagra” and “porn”…) and over the last few days he made a kamikaze operation by launching nearly 100.000 highly spammy bls. The effect was a permanent yo between the 4 th and 8 th place, a few minutes after the end of the Sputnik 1 competition went 4 th and one hour after was 10 th… briefly a strategy “suicide bomber”. The overall result as I have already written is disappointing but I have learned a lot anyway.

4 – Be reactiv at the launch

Responsiveness from announcement of launch First action: book a domain name as soon as possible. My choice has been on this site which will become a beautiful site FAM once the contest ended. Who says reactivity from the start of the contest says quick and easy links. In fact, it is at the beginning of the competition that many lists of the participants’sites contain, and that it maximizes its chances of being quoted in the presentation articles of the Sentimancho.

5 – Backlinks, backlink and more backlinks

Once my only page created (on-page content near zero), I pushed the site with a big link from my web network that expands every year.
Little anecdote, the description of my site has long displayed “The description of this result is not accessible because of the robots.txt file of this site. Read more» without a disallow in the robots.txt
A good regular watch of competitors’links allowed me to diversify my sources of links, so thanks to the other competitors for their indirect help!
The setting up of the game game could have allowed me to harvest some links, but nothing good at the end.

6 – Dont be gready like I was

Forgot spam top level domain. The TLD really matter on spam’s algorithms and buying a discounted TLD is synomnym of spam as spammer always buy them. My first and biggest mistake was to bought a .xyz

7 – Increasing awareness and visibility

Point crucial in my opinion, associating my site with the term Sentimancho. To do this, I wrote a few articles published here and there highlighting the participation of in the Sentimancho contest. I could also play with the search suggestions or force the feature to appear in the associated searches, but due to lack of time, I have dropped.
I tried to play with micro data review but without great success.
My only regret, not having had the courage to associate my G + profile to my site to test the power of my rank.

8 – Working on semantics

After a few weeks, it was time to worry about content. TITLE optimization and addition of a content block, and… it’s about everything. I delayed this point to be able to remain discreet and avoid the negatives SEO, even if finally the competition was quite calm on this side (whatever…). A single page is, in my view, sufficient for this type of competition, until proven otherwise.

9 – Social networks

To complete all this, some tweets, likes and +1, but without great conviction. Most of the site’s shares were spontaneous, it was quite pleasant. I am not yet convinced of the direct impact of this on the ranking of a site.

10 – Unleash the dogs for finish

To hold my position and end in an honourable position, I called on the donations of links. I would also like to thank those who agreed to play the game (you won a link at the bottom of the article!).
Some 301 have also been put in place and Xrumer has looked after the rest (forum profile and auto comment) over the last week.

What I saw during this old Contest –

  • – Links are always the nerve of war in SEO and all the more so when searching for ranker in a shortened space.
  • – I rediscovered the importance and ease of making spam spam (in the sorry Passage passage)
  • – The press release sites are definitively neglected by the way
  • – One can make any cum on the photograph of the author of an article presented in the results, only Presstor was clean on that point it seems to me.
  • – Linkbaiting remains one of the most powerful and fast ways to get links. Virank was very strong on this blow, bravo Bertrand!
  • – The speed of booking and ranking for a competition makes it possible to greatly increase your chances of ending in good position.
  • – Having its own web network is a real more than the time of a competition or for a more sustainable SEO strategy
  • – Using friends and knowledge network (cronyism) remains the fastest way to get links
  • – Publishing viral and quality content remains a good weapon whatever you say. The article How I cheated at the Golden Blog Awards of Presstor. fr is a good example.
  • – The rest, the good netlining plans, the BH information that leaked, and other, I keep it for me, maybe it can get me back…

So, How to win a fucking SEO Contest ?

So to return to the first paragraph and title of this ticket to win an SEO contest requires:

  • – Many content and publish every day of the competition
  • – A network of powerful personal sites
  • – A network of friends ready to give you a hand for the competition
  • – Make linkbaiting with real exchange service links
  • – Be on the front page from the beginning but too high either
  • – Set up a network of satellite sites on the same theme as the main site to consolidate its credibility
  • – Making 301 at the end of competition to make a stimulus effect
  • – Push strong at the end (all means are good, even of des bls)

Okay here if you follow these recommendations religiously you should easily win the next SEO contest that will be organized.

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