SEO Hero, the amazing SEO competition launched by WIX

Did You heard about SEO Hero? Since 16 November, the SEO sphere has been in turmoil around a brand new SEO competition launched by the WIX service. Between smart ideas, temptation and mistrust, light on this event.

Apart SEO HERO, Wix is what?

Wix is known as a facilitator platform dedicated to the real noobs of websites. That’s to say those who want one right away and who don’t know anything about it in html/css, design or SEO. Wix is a solution that allows, by dragging and dropping, modifying and customizing its project directly, all in a very visual way.
It is understandable that this kind of solution is tempting for small entrepreneurs and it clearly has the merit of exist, but as soon as we want to push it a little further, it becomes very heavy. Well, I’m not going to do a whole story to talk about the platform, but in summary, I’m not very excited about it, which gives the illusion of a idea that a site is being realized in “3 minutes” on the one hand (with all the risks of reputation shortcuts on web trades) and on the other, having recovered a site under Wix. I can testify that the interface is louuuuuuurrrdeeeeee, a real horror! My first reaction was then to push everything and put wordpress in place:).

To come back to the competition SEO Hero

It is through his blog that Wix launched an idea, it must be said, great to “provoke” a challenge to ranker on the term “Seo hero” under 4 months, against “their site” (which I still expect to see), he would according to a recent tweet of the team Team, on the name domain
For this, the reward is up to the top with an indecent sum of $ 50000, yes you read, for the happy elected. Finally, it’s if you exceed their “baby.” The condition is from a “new” domain by making only “white hat” (respect for guidelines…) and ranker located on (in States). Easy to bite if the passion of SEO flows in your veins. Add a little team spirit among teams of the same country to showcase localized know-how and mayo takes easy. So I recognize Wix’s intelligent approach to marketing and positioning, even if it’s likely to turn against them.

Edit 06/12/2016: We just learned after an update of the seoheroschool site, that Rand Fishkin would be the inventor of it! The official site of Wix, now “filled” for the competition presents a long one-page illustrated by the famous MOZ SEO which is presented as the “teacher” of the “Fishkin School”. Well, you’ll have understood it, it’s the guy who’s driving it apart Atlantic with no doubt the means that need to and his legitimacy as a référenceur that is at stake. So say, that the SEO in place at Wix are not heroes because they probably had what to fear the international armada of netlinkers but it is an undeniable lack of credibility of their share to make use of a size in the field (you remember their slogan “one thinks that our SEO are the best”)! In any case, it remotivé more than one in our troops and Father Rand must have received a sacred cheque to accept such a thing, full of courage to him to do not sweat by watching the SERP.

Why do I have reservations about this operation SEO Hero:

Because we’re going to be openly spy on SEO techniques.

An SEO contest, is the typical case of situation or to get in the lead, we will not take “gloves” with so obvious visibility of the techniques updated by all specialized tools. I have no doubt that most of my colleagues will be careful not to get all the right plans and tricks, but in the mass, error is human.
Wix therefore has all the means to look in detail how you take it above all that they ask you to get them access to your Google Search Console account. It’s rather “inconvenient”… not to say anything else.

Using techniques “White Hat”, let me laugh

Well, you know what I think of the white hat/black hat debate, so we’re not going to be mentir enough to be clever enough to make sure that everything does not happen. ). I’m not even sure that the organizer’s website will not do the same already, based on the authority of its platform. (which has millions of links placed on sites…)

Because Google may “freeze” the competition:

Who is able to say how the engine will behave, that is, is it going to “locate” the request, is it going to launch some surprises to weigh the techniques of small malins? Impossible to say. Therefore, on what’neutral bases’gauge the winners of this competition? Broad question. For example, the serp is like this, but until when?

Because Wix risks getting screwed:

You are sure that the large poste in position have access to sites as large and even more than the Wix team for ranker on SEO Hero. If they are smart, well-focused juice concentrations can easily pusher a target dedicated site. I’m sure I’m not sure that the least well-intentioned guys can break the SITE site! So let’s see how it’s going to be orchestrated, but I’m fairly confident, I’m pretty confident, that Wix’s risk of spit its $ 50000.
In all cases, I am doubtful about the final interest of this contest, because if Wix multiplies the conditions to disqualify the sites that will stand in front of him, he risks putting the SEO community behind. The only valid reason for me is that it puts $ 50000 to see in detail the techniques used to “learn” by having the mimines in the Precious Search Console, but it is easy to hide what is done in detail; the white hat still remains to prove!

How to participate in the contest seo hero?

  1. Choose a non-expired domain name
  2. Enter its site on the dedicated wix page
  3. Give them access to your Google Search Console
  4. Using “white hat” techniques (which comply with Google guidelines)
  5. Positioning yourself in front of the official site:
  6. Holding until March 15, 2017
  7. You’re rich! ($ 50000 in pocket)

What are the rules for additional competition?

A priori, redirects 301, 302 and other too direct techniques that are not considered to be “white hat” are eliminating for all participants. We must therefore be as clean as possible.
Note that the ranking must be done on the U.S. SERP on, it would be too easy if not.

In conclusion, if you want to become the new hero of SEO:

As you will have understood, the context and rules of this competition, not counting the consuming side, will mean that I will obviously not participate in this challenge even if it could have been fun. BUT, to support the team FR and just to put a ground knee to the big organizing machine and show the know-how of our little frenchies, I dedicate this page to the challengers of SEO hero. So send me your site and the desired anchor (you can also tell me in comment) and I will put in this article a “list of participants” in DOFOLLOW.
Good luck!

Take a look to the unique SEO Hero

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