The netlinking includes all the methods of acquiring links that aim to improve the visibility of a website. This is a central element in SEO strategy since Google attaches great importance to incoming links (aux) in its relevance algorithm.

Also named link building (“building of links”), this mission requires much patience and organization. Not all of the results will be immediate, you will sometimes find it difficult to get quality links, but the game is worth it. You’ll find that some very good backlinks have the power to propel you into Google.

We will detail here the methodologies of netlinking to help you set up your links search schedule.

Organizing its netlinking campaign

Have you optimized your pages on tags? Your pages have been worked and enriched with qualitative content? Have you created new pages to position you on more queries? Perfect! But it’s not finished, far from it.

Now you’re going to be able to get into the great adventure of the netlinking, that’s in the techniques to get links to your site. Follow the guide, we explain which planning plan and how to organize your netlinking campaign.

Using the SEOBserver software.

The SEOBserver software optimization software has an entire part dedicated to your links acquisition campaigns. The tool detects all your incoming links (backlinks) and their anchors (i. e. their link text) to help you have a good profile of links with diverse anchors.

SEOBserver software also provides you with the links obtained by your competitors; to try to get the same in your turn.

You finally have a range of potential partner sites to contact to negotiate links. They are offered to you according to the study of the themes and keywords common to your site and you always know what their reputation is. So you’re sure to search for the best links to improve your site.

Finally, technical information is always accompanied by tips and tips for netlinking. You are not alone in this mission and our consultants are available to accompany you.

What is the ideal person for managing netlinking?

Wondering how to manage netlinking internally, that is to say the acquisition of new links for your site? What is the position profile to best deal with the implementation of the netlinking?

Netlinking is a very busy activity. When you entrust this task to a person of your team, plan a plan that will take these imperatives into account. In addition to this, starting the link search campaign, making it evolve and monitoring it over time, requires great rigour. It is therefore a mission that will suit an organized and meticulous person. For more efficiency, it will be able to equip itself with technical tools that will be an excellent support for its work. It is in this sense that Optimiz software integrates a special part to the management of netlinking.