When you’re working on a site SEO, you’ll necessarily have to put in place what is called a netlinking strategy. The importance of links to referencing is paramount.

Before you see all the techniques to make netlinking, answer the question “What is netlinking? ‘. The netlinking (or link building) consists of obtaining links to its site from external sites to improve its referencing.

Netlinking and SEO: Why are links to your site paramount?

A link to your site is considered by Google as a vote in your favor. The more links you get to your site, the more you improve your popularity. Beware! This is true if you get quality links.

It is preferable to have few links of good quality rather than many links from “low quality” sites. Hence the importance of setting up a netlinking methodology to search for good links.

How to find sites to have links to its site? What tips for getting good backlinks? What tool to use everyday?

The guest blogging

The guest bloggingL’expression English blogger blogging designates a form of editorial partnership between a blogger and a site. A blogger (the blogger blogger) will write an article that will be published on a site and in which he will insert one or more links to his blog. A win-win way to make the link.

The personal network of the company

Links achieved through its personal network

To obtain links from other sites you can also use your personal network and the company’s professional network. Partners, partners, suppliers, resellers, customers,… can have a site from which it can be interesting (in some cases!) to get a link.


Used forcefully for years to easily obtain many backlinks, directories have now lost their interest in terms of SEO netlinking. In spite of everything, some directories allow to get links and start their netlinking. If they choose carefully and use them sparingly.

Press releases

CP SEOLes press releases can be used to obtain some links. This is a technique that is largely outdated today, since these links have no interest for Internet users and have almost no value (the weight of such links being very low). It’s even a “mindless” method that can create penalties from Google.

Exchange of links

Exchange of links between sites may be reciprocal or triangular. The reciprocal exchange consists of two sites to each link to the other: a site has made a link to a B site that makes in return a link to site A is a very common method for obtaining links. More efficient, but less obvious to put in place, the technique of triangular links allows to avoid reciprocity. exchange of links SEO

Linkbaiting and natural links

The linkbaiting (literally “the links fishery”) consists of obtaining links of course to its site. How do I draw links to self? You can create original content, funny, offset, make a mini buzz, set up a contest game, a survey, publish a downloadable white book, a detailed study, a graphics…

The link ninja and the links placed

Link NinjaLe link ninja refers to the fact that you are going to place links to its site in comments of articles, on forums or on blogs. The Netlinking netlinking tool allows me to find which blogs make links to your competitors, and thus to place comments on these different media.

Satellite sites

Creating satellite sites consists of setting up external sites that will only serve to make links to a particular site. This is a roundabout way to make links as it pleases to its site. Making a network of sites from a netlinking perspective is a practice that runs counter to Google rules that focus on the quality of sites.

Paid binding: a strategy for risky netlinking

Purchase of liensLe paidlinking is a link purchasing strategy. You buy a link to a site will place this link to a place negotiated together. A practice that Google tries to reduce by encouraging webmasters to denounce this type of bond pay.

Links to competing sites

Another method of netlinking is to draw on the links of competing sites to try to get the same. The principle is that if your competitors have managed to have these links, why not? This is a technique for which Optimiz. i assist you, showing you the list of links obtained by your competitors for each page of your website.

Advertising and affiliation: of netlinking netlinking

For easy links it is also possible to go through advertising or affiliation. These two techniques involve paying a netlinking benefit either through conventional advertising or through sponsored blog tickets. However, beware of the risks of identical content and low quality content linked to this affiliate system. Google monitors and punishes these practices that it considers to be contrary to its instructions.