Local SEO, what is it? What interest for my business and the growth of my turnover?

About local SEO : local SEO is a part from SEO Strategy

Local SEO aims to place your business in the first positions of search engines results in geolocated searches. This, either with a  specific interpretation of the search (query: “restaurant”), or with a classic algorithmic processing (keyword: “restaurant + city” you can also try it wit “SEO Hero“).

Local searches are characterised for a big part of them with the emerge of Google Destination or Google Maps insertions which compare and select Google My Business’ results with a lot of criteria like the position of the person who launch the query.

Who’s concerned by local SEO?

The traffic of the local search segment of Search Engine Optimization is very qualified. It is also easier to access than a national query because of the decrease of the number of competitors. Whether you are a restaurant, a franchise or an agency, you always have an interest in being visible locally.

Local SEO helps your targets to find you at the best place, at the best moment and for free. It’s an interesting way to develop your turnover and improve your margin.

Even if the first steps of local SEO are really easy to provide, it becomes more technical to increase the personalization of your results and requires coding skills. That’s why Google created a tool which is not very popular, but really helpful for local business : the Google Data Highlighter. That tool provides the capacity for the owner of a website to exploit the content of his site to create rich snippets without using the schema.org system.

Why should I claim my business on Google My Business?

It’s really important for an enterprise to own his Google My Business. If you don’t claim it, Google users are able to manage it and to create some critical troubles to your activity. For example, they will be able to close your business on Google and make you disappear from Google Maps results.

They are also able to modify and rename your Google My Business page and change your contact information like your address or your phone number to make you disappear or to steal your prospects for example.

The best example of negative SEO for Google My Business was the renaming of the “CAPAC of Bruxelles” (an institution which provides unenmployment allowances) in something like “fucking slackers of Bruxelles”. It created a Bad Buzz in Belgium and showed the importance of owning his Google My Business Page.

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