The enhancement of a site on the Internet is through a good SEO strategy. A constant optimization work that adapts to the progress of Google, whose eternal search for relevance of its research keeps getting better. In the image of its latest Google My Business interface, launched in June 2014, which revolutionized local SEO.

Favouring the “catchment area” of an Enterprise

The visibility of a company is all the more important on its “catchment area”, namely the cities or regions where it develops its activity. Naturally, it wants to benefit from the best referencing on these specific geographical areas. The idea is to reach its customers when they need it and at the precise time they are looking for the product or service on Google.
For this, the way work on the 4 types of results provided by Google:

  • So-called organic results: sites best positioned on the query formulated (keywords).
  • Google + local results: sites associated with Google Maps based on your geographic position.
  • Local organic results: the best sites for this request and localized according to your geographic position.
  • Sponsored links: Adwords ads – pay – which can be localized.

Company planning is essential for the development of its business. More than 25% of Google’s searches are local requests and half of the searches for travel or restaurants result in a reservation. (Source: Adeo-Web)

Local referencing: One before and one after

Before Google My Business

Before the launch of Google My Business, local referencing was worked by professionals with one page:

  • Google Addresses to provide the Google Client Information Engine with the Google maps information and at the same time to work on local organic results.
  • Google + local to obtain opinions, photos and provide useful and practical information.

Not to mention the drafting of content intended to work on specific places.

After Google My Business

Since June 2014, Google My Business brings together – in one interface – the features of Google Addresses and Google + local. On his home page, in a nutshell, the American giant sums up the usefulness of his tool:
” Make yourself known for free on Google: Google My Business is your business showcase for those looking for you on the Internet. Be visible and attractive in Google search, Google Maps or Google +»
A tool that is definitely relevant for all small businesses with clients attracted by the same centre of interest, the same passion. Like, for example, collection cars, Chinese dishes, Impressionist painting, etc.

The obvious Google My Business for local businesses

Full functionality in an interface

The interface proposed by Google since June 2014 allows smes to make themselves known and exchange with their clients, while enjoying interesting statistical data:

  • Informative dimension: updated information about the company, addition of photographs of the building and/or virtual visit of the premises…Social dimension: relationship with fans and clients via the Google + page, sharing information (events, news releases, product outputs, etc.), access to notices published on the web and possible to answer them.
  • Statistical dimension: requests made by users to find the company, data on information sought, etc.

Note that Google My Business is also available on Smartphone and Tablet via applications for Android and IOS. Because 95% of mobile users do local searches and 9 out of 10 requests result in an order.

5 reasons to adopt Google My Business

Google constantly develops tools to help SEO professionals: if they are often innovative, they are not all relevant. But it’s otherwise for Google My Business. If it is used optimally:

  • Increased visibility by the search engine: a more visual and interactive space that will attract the user to the company rather than to its competitor.
  • A responsive design page: The multiplication of media now involves proposing a site that adapts to all formats (responsive design). If this is not the case, it is possible to direct users to the Google My Business page to offer them a beautiful user experience.
  • Visibility on the front page: with Google My Business, it is possible to appear above the waterline and increase your traffic from your page and your presence on Google Maps.
  • A possible positive echo on the natural referencing: if the decline is not yet sufficient to assert this trend, it is acquired that a well-optimized page will offer visibility, traffic, or even conversions.

To follow, the experts from “Local Search” refer to the notion of “Placerank” which could become a criterion given to the most Relevant Google My Business pages (high added value, rich content, access to services, etc.)
A marketing lever thanks to the promotion coupon available on Google Adwords.

Google My Business, powerful and easy to use

Google is a powerful search engine that satisfies all our needs, even those who are not expressed. A simple request like “hairdresser” offers first results around its geographical position: so it allowed us to contextualize its answers…
It remains to optimize work by valuing the local client’s business among others. Beyond a quality Corporate site, this is now through registration at Google My

Business, the new Small Business toolbox.

Note that if Google My Business requires the creation of a Google + account, it does not make the presence of a website mandatory, even if it undoubtedly allows to strengthen the online presence strategy.
An implementation accessible to allSpecifically, to create a Google My Business page, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google My Business website
  • Click on the blue button “Enter your business on Google”Once on Google Maps, search the company by entering the name and address at the top left. If not, select the option “I have correctly entered the name and address – Let me enter all information about my institution”.
  • Create or connect to its Google page +
  • Click on “Continue” after you check the box “I am authorized to manage this facility and I accept the Terms of Use”
  • Account validation step, which can be delayed by clicking on “Continue and Validate later”.
  • Complete the Google + and My Business profile as accurately as possible – all of the proposed forms: opening hours, telephone number, website, mailing address, etc.

This will already be better referenced on technologies results as well as Google Maps. The optimization will then pass through the publication of satisfied customers…

For a boost to your local SEO!

Optimize your local referencing effectively

If Google My Business is a formidable tool, which must now be used and set correctly, we must not forget to work on local referencing by traditional means:
Indication of the place (s) in the tags of the pages as well as in the titlesThe markup of the coordinates in microdata format (preferably!) to optimize the description of the type of information. This involves the integration of the GEO property to indicate the latitude and longitude of the site: Support GooglePresence on local quality directoriesThe local image of the site via connection to local partners (links)Not forgetting, the obvious factors are the production of quality and regular content, the quality of links and a technical optimisation of the site of the irreproachable enterprise.

Via your Adwords account, keep extensions of location

Google My Business’s local referencing can be linked to Google Adwords’s commercial actions to attract more Internet users located or searching nearby. On average, campaigns using location extensions have a higher click rate of 10%. (Source: Google)
Until August 18, 2014, the location extension – the address associated with Adwords campaigns – was manually recorded. Disappeared since that date, this is now automatically done via Google My Business.
But it is possible to retain the advantages of the extension of space to energize local referencing by associating it with campaigns Adwords. To do this, follow these steps:
Connecting to the Adwords accountClick on “Ads extensions”Select “View: Extensions of places» that appear in the drop-down menu above the tableSelect “Updates” from the drop down menu next doorClick on ” + Extension” to link your account to your Google My Business pageNow you can assign one or more addresses to campaigns or ad groups using filters. Note that you can control their performance on your Adwords account via a table of statistics.


Google My Business has become an essential strategic axis for a relevant local referencing. The tool is therefore perfectly adapted to the nearby business or hairdresser. On the other hand, given the strength that this one proposes in relation to the planning of your activity, one wonders whether the tool would not reduce the scope of action of a company wishing to take interest in a larger market.
Take the example of a natural referencing agency located in Paris, would it really be interesting to associate it with Google My Business when the proposed Service is addressed to the national market? Would it be wise to obtain better referencing on Paris to the detriment of a more appropriate global referencing?
So, how close are you to a nearby business?