If you read this, you surely are an SEO. If you are, you must know this sneaky problem we all encounter : you need so much different tools to check your SEO’s metrics than you can spend half of a day reading datas and trying analyse it with your Excel sheet. You surely use Majestic or Ahref to spy on backlinks, maybe a rank tracker like SERPOSCOPE or rankwatch… And what about your crawler Screaming Frog ? Xenu ? Oncrawl ? Some logs analysis to with Botify ? How do you find keywords ? With SEMRush or Moz Keyword difficulty tool ? And of course, you are using all the Google suit : Analytics, Search Console, Keyword planner… Not easy to make them talk with an unique voice is’nt it ?

Let me tell you that this time is over.

SEObserver : One tools to rule them all !

For me, there is barely two kind of SEO’s work :

  1. The technical work
  2. The work around the website : Onsite and Offsite

Technical work is appart, using his own tools like crawlers and log analysers, and those soft has to be taken aside. But for everything that concerns the life of a website, there is still plenty of tools. That’s where SEObserver comes in. With SEObserver, you will have in the same place your ranking data, your backlink data, your keyword data and… all the same for your concurence data !

To be clear, SEObserver agregate his own data plus the data from Majestic SEO and SEMRush

How does this Super Hero SEO tools works ?

First of all, the master move from Kevin Richard, the SEOBserver’s creator, was to build a serp view. On the left you have an old SERP (you can choose the date), on the right you have the latest SERP. Let’s see how does it looks :

The SERP view : see in one second how the whole SERP is mooving

Here is the view for the French serp for “seo hero”. Because it’s a french tool, you are thinkig that there is only french data ? Big mistake !

Change the SERP language in one click

Here is the view for the US serp for “seo hero”. As you can see, the filter is still active, there is no new website on this result page.

Competition checker from SEOBserver

What could we learn about this particulary SERP ?

Lets take a look about competition, in this simple view, you can see in one second :

  • the other domain strengh
  • the topical trust flow
  • the total number of backlinks
Competition checker comparaison from SEOBserver

Compare your own site with the top 10

One click away you can compare your own site (or whatever hero website you want) to the best ranked website. There, we can see that this website have the necessary graduation to rank. One more proof of the filter existence.

SEOBserver Identity Card

Here is a quick view of this website : the identity card.

You can also see :

  • the backlinks history
  • the best backlinks
  • the anchor
  • the root domains
  • the topical trust flow
  • Content
    • SEM Rush data
    • SEOBserver data
  • URL entities
Simply compare websites with SEOBserver

Simply compare websites

I picked beanseohero (rank 1), the wix website and mine to simply compare them.

Am I missing easy backlinks from SEOBserver ?

Maybe, so let’s try the backlink extractor. In this case i picked the actually top 10 on the challenge. We can see that somes are backlinks in common.

Campaign monitoring with SEOBserver

You can also monitore a whole campaign with SEOBserver, once you have choosed the websites you want to spy on, you receive daily news about it.