At least, the 06/12/2016, Wix finally released his hero website to compete his own challenge and there is a big surprise in it !

Is Rand Fishkin, CEO on running the SEO of the Wix website ?

There is no mistake possible, the wix hero website is totaly branded at Rand’s colors. So far, it’s impossible to say if Rand is playing for Wix as their SEO, or if Wix had an agreement to use Fishkin name and image nor they just decided to use Rand without asking him the permission.

At this moment, Rand did not say anything about this. Patrick Stox, asked a Mozzer wich said Rand is not involved at all in the contest and worst, was not informed than Wix will use is name in their attempt to win the contest.

What this site tell us about Wix strategy ?

Actually, there is almost three dominating strategy :

  1. News site about the contest (wich is being done here)
  2. Fake freelance / service / company named SEO Hero Something selling tools, services, audit etc…
  3. Conceptual websites using the Hero concept

So Wix choosed the third one, which is not the simpliest as, for the moment, the only sites ranking on SEO Hero Serp are the News one, like beanseohero who climb to top 5 till now.