Follow yours positions on Google for free with SERPOSCOPE

In 2016 Pierre aka Serphacker gave us a nice gift: a complete update of the best known open source position tracking tool: Serposcope .

Good for you my internationnal reader, Serposcope exist in french and in english !

Serposcope is also the tool i use to make my live ranking on this site, using his open sourceness to transform data in json.
Tracking its positions in Google and monitoring their evolution over time is part of the groundwork for SEO work. I do not depart from the rule and use the 2 version of open source software (and therefore free) Serposcope. This is why.
Why it is useful to follow a position in SEO

First, a small reminder of the usefulness of the position follow-up. This task, sometimes uncontrollable, is in my mind the heart of SEO work. Recently, a school of “antis” followed emerges, with the credo of a kind of “position follow-up, so 2015″… If I agree to say that staying the ass on its chair to see its positions fluctuate doesn’t serve much, I’m convinced that a macro and micro view of requests that bring you from traffic is. key to the proper analysis of a site.

What you can do with SERPOSCOPE

  1. Follow your positions daily:
    2 modes to view the positions in Serpo, the manual trigger, or more simply the CRON, which program very simply and allows the daily triggering of your statement. Rotate the tool at night and check out the morning movements when you arrive.
  2. Monitor the evolution of competitors:
    Whether your evolution is positive or not, it is important to understand why. In SEO one often screams wolf (or should tell the Penguin/Panda) when in the vast majority of cases a decrease in position/traffic is explained simply because competitors have bossé better than you. With Serpo no worries, for each key keyword, you have access to the first 100 results of the SERP.
  3. Have an SERP view at time T
  4. Add a new competitor at any time to monitor: a new competitor arrives in your niche? No problem, Serposcope is retroactive for each SERP monitorée!
  5. Follow key words confidentially! Only the paranoid survives at the time of the web, and will be fliquer by a competitor to see the same optimization as you!. In my view, this is the biggest flaw in paying tools that collect your data and make them accessible to all users of the tool. Here no risk, I’m the only one to have access to my data.
  6. Géolocalyze your requests: Perfect for the SEO Local
  7. Provide restricted access to your users. My colleague Cedric from Fyher uses SERPOSCOPE and gives unique access to each of his customers. Each of them has access to its SERP.
  8. A big increase? A big decrease ? With the scoring by site, you know immediately if your site has mooved during the night.

My server Config to use SERPOSCOPE :

To start and test the tool, I installed it on a local server (a WAMP and a MAMP), it works without problems, so there is no need for anything other than a computer connected to the Internet to rotate the tool. Today my Serposcope is installed on a OVH VHP at 7,99 €/month (and other softs/scripts rotate with), I have 10 proxy (also multi-functional) and a subscription at De Captcher to avoid any error errors. Soft has turned every day to raise 10 k keywords daily and has just planted only once.