Sofmycoin, the must-have when it comes to keeping you informed about the value of your crypto currency wallet every day.

The cryptocurrencies market continues to grow and every day their value changes. Many individuals as well as a large number of companies own it and it is not likely to disappear but rather to develop further. Some companies that create virtual currencies partner with large groups to enable constant evolution.

You buy on Coinbase, Cryptopia, on Binance and you have to log in every day on each site to see the value of your different currencies? With Sofmycoin’s website, you don’t need to navigate on multiple sites anymore. Indeed, it is a tool that gathers all the crypto currencies available and that permits to know their value in real time on a single site.

SofMyCoin is the best place to buy cryptocurrencies !

How does it work?

Sofmycoin lets you know the value of your crypto currency wallet every day and keep track of its evolution. Don’t waste a day without knowing how much your wallet is worth!

How to stay informed about the value of your wallet?

Sign up with your email address, enter your crypto currency wallet and you will receive an email alert every day with the value of each currency you own but also when one of your currencies has reached the threshold you have set for selling it. You can also ask to be alerted when a new currency enters the market.

A totally secure site

Indeed, when you give your mail, you don’t give the addresses of your crypto currencies, only the quantity possessed is given. So, your data cannot be stolen.

Each crypto currency is detailed and updated in real time

When you consult a crypto currency wiki on our site, you can find out:

  • How to buy this crypto currency: For each crypto currency, it is possible to buy on different sites such as Changelly, Coinbase, Cryptopia, etc… You can also exchange your crypto currencies for other crypto currencies via Binance for example.
  • For how much can you buy this crypto currency: The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving and thanks to Sofmycoin, you will know the value in real time of each of them.
  • 24h volume: The trading volume is the number of transactions that took place during 24 hours.
  • Its Market Cap: The Market Cap defines the total market value of the crypto currency chosen.
  • How many coins are available and how many have been set in production
  • What is the tracking of the variation over the day; the last 7 days; the last 30 days and the last year.