Are SEO Heroes still playing ?

Due to Google challenge filter, nothing is happening actually in our SEO contest. I feel that somes are demotivated to be placed above 100+ on Google SERP. I can understand them, but there is nothing to do about it. SEO is about work and patience, that’s the lesson i’m recording there.

Some SEO Heroes are more creative than me !

I found Benj Arriola’s hero website, and the guys is creating a lot of tools related to the Wix Challenge. Also giving technical tips to improve your SEO’s knowledge. Great job !

Wix is sending emails anouncing their website, i still dont received my confirmation email

Some people are saying that Wex had sent a mailing to their newsletter’s subscriber with a link to their Hero Website. Well, the SEO Hero school is a pretty good website, i can understand them. But hey Wix, could you send me my confirmation email ? I dont even know the mail i have to give access on my analytics and Search Console !

Writing in english is a real pain in my hero’s ass

I’m tired to write those review, but it’s difficult for me to talk about technical SEO in an other language than french. I will try it in my new article category : SEO Hero Tools.

Is Wix buying some links ?

Hell yes ! I’ve got a personnal evidence about it, when i asked some guy to mention this website in his article talking about the Wix challenge. He said me that he cant because he is having some “deal whith Wix”, and guess what ? Wix School is linked in this article ! Other participants are also complainings about Wix buying articles, so it seems to be more a fact than a rumor. We are now far far far away from Wix contest rules…

Wix have enough money to promote their website during Super Bowl

Well i’m more specialist about US Open, but i heard that Super Bowl was the biggest event in USA, and a spot during half time was the most expansive. This is related with the point before. If Wix is buying backlinks, we just cant follow their budget !

Wix wrote a blog post about the negative SEO they have been targeted with

My thought is that a “negative SEO” backlink campaign is the best way to hide some agressive backlink acquisition 😉 More than that, the backlink campaign seem to be really poor as a noob can buy on fiver or create a scrapebox campaign with thousands backlinks for nothing.

I talked about SEO Hero in my SEO Camp conference

I was talking about e-commerce and have some words about this SEO challenge, tryig some IRL linkbaiting. French community is a real community, more fellows than opponet, i had great echos about my show and hope some in the assistance will talk about this website.


If someone else than me read the beanseohero blog, he knows that the guy who wrote like to give good and bad points. I had one good point first when he saw this website, but had another bad point yesterday. Patrick seems to be shocked that i could ask for help from my hero campaign. Even if he was not there to heard what i really says. Well mate, i’m really sorry that i disapointed you, you dont wrote nothing since this date and i really hope i’m not the cause of it 😀

Does Google really understand “time” like an human being ?

There is a lot of fantasm about Google comprehension and Artificial Intelligence. In France we are used to say that Google is clever as a 6 years old child. I’m actually faking the date on my timeline and my blog post, hope that big G wont see it 😉

Does Page Speed matter as an SEO criteria ?

It was voluntary, i did not use a cache plugin on this wordpress at the beginning. New site, new test, i will use (starting today) the Comet Cache plugin.