Hello February, the last entire month for the Wix contest

Hey, it’s have been already 3 months than the Wix challenge begun. In 1 month and an half, the Wix contest will give us his result. So far, it’s impossible to say who will be the winner, as we are still filtered by Google. A funny thing is to look at the SEO Hero rankings on others Search Engines, like Bing or Qwant, which are not filtered.  If we were playing there, www.seo-hero.tech would be the winner and ranking 1 on the whole SERP, so, congrats Walid !

I still received no mail from Wix

Do you remember ? I had to ask Wix on Twitter if this website was registered for the contest. The response was yes. But i still did not received any mail from Wix… So i decided to contact by myself the judge, waiting and hopping he will answear. Finger crossed !

Somes are receiving emails from Contest Judge

Somes of my french friends are recevieng mail from Ervan Hurvitz about their Google’s accounts.

Seoherocontest.xyz is moving on SERPS but not on SEO Hero ranking

Weird thing… This website can move everyday from position 150 to position 80 on SEO Hero Google’s serp, but he never moves from the rank 25 on the Wix SEO Contest. This meen that all the competitors are mooving like a wave, if you climb, others climb to, if you fall, the other does at the same time. Is this one part of the filter effect ?

Trying to change my home title to see moves on Hero’s rankings

This year, the filter is big and long. I’m tired to dont see any moves on the competitor’s rankings, so I decided to take a risk and change my meta title on my home page, will see if it help something (so far, climbing or falling dont really matters, i just want to moove from my 25/27 rank on the SEO Hero !!! So far, the only big move i can see on rankings concern naufaulo.net and it is strange : when he 301 redirect seo-zero.com the site looses a lot of places, when he cut the 301, his site come back on competitor’s top 10. Is this a proof that Google mooved for expired domains ?

 Changes worked, at least, seoherocontest.xyz moved a little bit

Remember, i was tired that nothing was happening so i decided to change titles and content on my homepage. 1 week later i get a little smooth move to the top, this website was usualy ranked between 25 and 30 on the SEO ranking, i’m now 18 with a best at rank 11 on saturday. On Google i’m like ranked 115,  with a best at 76.

SearchDataLogy Included a Bing rank

The Bing’s SERP is funniest than the Google one for the “SEO Hero” request, that’s why Aysun have included the bing ranks in her follow up. As usual you can see it in my live ranking.