French revolution is on his way

Today all the french SEO community worked and by hand to support their SEO Heroes. there was a lot of mention on Twitter.

SEO Hero Teaser :

New strategy for :

French SEO are supporting there heroes :

Wix is launching multiple Hero Website

Let me introduce you the new Wix’s hero Website. It seems that finally Wix used their 5 heroes websites possibilities. There is still 2 to discover

Wix’s new website is finaly ranked on SEO Hero SERP

It took almost 3 weeks to Google to replace the old by In fact, Wix made a 301 redirect from their old site to the new one. So far, Wix is ranking 25 on the SEO Hero Challenge.

404 for

Do you remember the first Hero site from Wix ? The domain was not redirected to the new site but is showing a parking page or a 404 page, depending of the day. I do not understand

I was hacked for Christmas, Number 1 is hijacked for Valentines day

It’s the sad news of the day. Someone used 302 Google’s fails to hijacked beanseohero content. Thats mean someone totally duplicated all his content on a powerfull domain and is able to steal the first position from beanseohero. The domain is I lost a lot off time with my hack, hijacking is worst and there is no much you can do, so i wish you good luck Patrick.

Beanseohero apologized to me, there was no need

Few days ago, I saw on his timeline I read every day that Patrick, from Beanseohero, was apologing to me. In one side, i did not appreciate he reports to me for talking about the wix challenge in my seo presentation at SEO Camp Caen. As i said in my dedicated spot (and just like Patrick, i’ve to find ideas to write some content, which is not easy in this “nothing is happening” contest), french SEO community seems to work differently than the US one, we are more a band of Bro than adversory, so it’s normal for us to asking some help from friends. But in another side, i understand that it’s a part of his strategy for the contest and i respect it, as he is, actually, the number 1. As we said in french, “don’t act”.

Taking a look to my Google Search Console account

It’s been a while i did not check my links on GSC, wich is the better way to spot if you are under low quality links negative SEO attacks. So far i’m not having bad links, but it’s not a clue as GSC is showing me less refering domains than Majestic. It’s the first time i’m seeing Google less reactiv than another search bot.