Hit the bottom, but still digging

Today is a new sad point for this SEO Contest. No one is still ranked on top100. Worst, a lot of competitors are ranking above position 200. Google is putting lot of efforts to make you trust that “SEO is dead”…

Penrod is disqualified from SEO Hero Challenge ! / Penrod is back in the game, it was an hoax 🙂

Is he the first of a beginning long list ? Penrod Shero from penrodshero.com received yesterday an email from Wix explaining him he have broken severals rules. Sad for you mate !

A friend of Penrod made him a joke sending him a phishing email to said him he was disqualified.

The hijack of beanseohero is over !

Curious message on seoremake.com saying that duplicating and hijacking ranks from Patrick Stox was a mistake. Was this just a test ? Was this to soon in the contest ? Will see… But the fact is beanseohero going back to his first position of the Wix challenge

SEOHeroNews.com is going fat

This is one of the Hero websites. Today, the site: command return 800 pages in the Google index, it is, so far as i Know, the Biggest website for an SEO Hero.

WordPress heroes websites are facing difficulties on the SEO Hero Rank

Don’ know if Wix CMS is good or not for SEO purpose, but looking on SEO Hero top 20 today i discovered that wordpress had difficulty to rank. In the top 20, there is 4 WP, the first is ranked 7 and i’m ranked fourth in our challenge ranking.

Some SEO Heroes are testing adwords

Wix was the first to do it, now it’s Penrod Shero who is trying some Ads. There is an old question about correlation between adwords and natural results. Google always saids that there was nothing related to doing advertising and your performance in SERP.