And with style ! Walid from is now ranked 3. 3 !!! Walid is a well known french SEO living in Italy. He is Not only 3 on SEO Hero rankings but 3 in the Whole SERP ! IS this a sign the filter is disaparessing as it did in ? Hope to ! So far, we are all stuck in the Google Contest Filter, but another french guy taked the 2nd place from P. Stox. At this moment, french SEO are ranked 1,2,4 and then 13 (my website).

What is happening in SEO Hero ?

Remember Stephane from ? He made a new addictive game to help you to wait for his tool results ! Enjoy ! I received an email from one of the top competitors from Facebook talking about the Contest and trying to grab some backlinks. Somes are still putting a lot of efforts to win the competition !

Befrore the contest, I knew the name of Wix but not a lot about their solution. I saw Wix linked on their main domain to three others SEO Heroes playing with a Wix site, their are all top 20 and at least we can said you can make beautiful site with Wix !

What i’m doing on

I was stuck aroung position 20, while others sites that have not done anything since month are ranking better. Or i suck at SEO, or SEO is dead. So far i’m focusing on content writing. My english is not that good when it’s about technical SEO, but i’m doing what i can with all the passion i can put in. I changed for the last time the home page, and i did a lot of work creating this SEO Guide. ย I really waste hours for a website which wont make a $ ever, but i’m a competitor. So far, i climbed to rank 13, becoming 4 from French behind the 3 SEO monsters i cant beat. My purpose at the beginnig was :

  • Creating a site I wont be ashamed of
  • Finishing in top 5 from France
  • Finishing in top 10 from World
  • Finishing before Wix.

I’m not far to a total accomplishment.