A lot of Heroes Websites are entering the challenge those days, especially from France, where i come from 🙂

Some news from SEO Hero contest from Week 3

It has been a crazy weeks, first of all, some challengers are entering the top 100 for the “SEO Hero” request. We can still see ineligible domains participating to the contest, are the guys from seo-zero.com, seohero.ninja or zerotoheroseo.com does know that they are out of the rules ? Or is this somes satellite building for further in the competition ? Impossible to know, because there is not an official Wix list of participants. But, at least, Joost de Valk from YOAST SEO announced that he joigned on Twitter.

Wix SEO Hero Contest : French and German community are there !

There is more and more articles writing about the Wix SEO Hero competition in those both countrys, announcing their support and giving backlinks for their former participant. The french community is strong, there is a lot of effervescence, and it’s giving us a lot of popularity (in links and publicity).

As you can see in my capture from SEOBserver, a french tool you absolutely have to discover, a lot of french site are growing up and climbing the SEO Hero search engine result page.

SEOheroschool.com is still not alive

Wix is taking is time to create his website or with the invasion of SEOs participating to the contest does they fear and feeling demotivated ? Well, it’s a bit weird to see the sponsor and most famous participant not competiting 3 weeks after the begining of his own competition. Does they know Google will certainly filtrate the SEO Hero SERP as everyone will buy domains at the same period ? Is this their first attempt to an SEO challenge ?