Well, it’s been one month since the contest begun, and inscriptions are now closed. If i was thinking at the beginning than the contest SERP was not filtered by Google, it’s obvious today than the search engine is now applying is special “SEO Contest” filter.

What the hell is the Google SEO Contest Filter ?

In France, there is at least one seo contest per year. Sometimes we are playing with invented keywords, sometimes with reals. Sometimes we are playing with new domains, sometimes not. Sometimes we autorize EMD, and other times we dont… At each competition, there is a common fact : at the early begining Google apply a sandboxing type filter around the keyword choosen for the contest. Well, at this point we have ton understand Google :

  • A lot of domains, incluing EMD, are registrated at the same time, trying to rank for a new keyword still dont clusterized by Google, wich trigger some alert in Big Browser making him freezing the whole SERP
  • The same goes if you try to rank at an existing keyword, Google is able to detect it by the same way

Why i’m i convinced there is such a filter at “SEO Hero” Keywords

First and best evidence is obvious, this website is not ranking ! Well, forget that joke, and takes a look to how the serp evolved : at the begining something like 10 hero websites was in top 100, somes climb to page 1 (like seo-hero.org), other to page 2 (like seozero.com). Today we know that thoose are still here are expired and inellegible domains, and the others just disapeared from the search engine page result. Take a look at beanseohero.com rankings page and you will see that we are all parked from page 7 to page 20, waiting God Google to apply us.

How long such filter does it take ?

That the sad part, from my experience, the filter usualy last during 2/4 months, and yes, it’s a possibility that the Wix challenge ends with the sandbox filter still in place, which will false all the result. The funny thing is that when the filter disapear, the ranking are completly shaked and somes who trust the best place from now will have a big pain in their ass as the finest seo strategies will bypass them.

Is there a way to outpass the sandbox ?

More than a way, there is an hope. We use to see some websites bypassing the sandbox applying a special strategy. Oh wait… You thinked i was about to reveal you how to do it ? Sorry mate 😉

What is happening this week ?

Well, as i said, the sandbox is here and it is making a lot of damage to the former racing head.

Strategy change for me

As we said in France “Charité ordonné commence par soit même”. I changed, again, my strategy. I will persist with my weekly review, which is a little boring, but i will try to test some tools handmade or not. So far we know that all SEO are spying on our competiting website, so i will use this visibility to present some top french tools.

seo-hero.org and beanseohero falling

There was the racing head. seo-hero.org was the first in page 1, then beanseohero climbed to rank 2 ! But, someday the deutch dot org domain simply disapeared when Stox was slowly falling to the SERP bottom. Talking about Stox, who is running beanseohero.com, i’m really ambiguistic whith him and i dont know if he is an SEO Hero or a SEO Vilain. I explain : form on side i really like his review, the time he is putting at it, and i really respect the quantity of work he is producing, really. But on the other side, i dont like how he sometimes destroy other participant and thinking everyone is copying him. Man, you are making a simple review, you are doing it good, but it’s the simpliest way to participate such a challenge, there no originality and it’s obvious a lot of competitors will go the same way… And what about the cheating section ? My grandma always say that to snitch is a really really bad thing…

Wix Website

According to alyze.info, a free semantic french tool, Wix is not putting a lot of effort making an “SEO Hero” Optimized content. During the week, they installed a forum with lorem content, which disapeared few day afters. From know we know the vilains, the courses, there was a style changing… Work in progress.