Well, i’m not surprised but it still a bad news… Behind some noob “blast” negative SEO, somes are trying to hack competitor’s website, especially if you are using a wordpress, which is the case of this website.

Hack on a mutualised server

The sad thing here is that i decided, for the start, to host my hero website on one of my mutualised server based in France. I had 6 actives websites on it. At first i planned to move the site from France to New York something like 1 month before the end of the contest, to test server location impact as a ranking factor.

I saw Patrick Stox from SEO Hero relayed the tweet i made to wix. He supposed i forgot to securise my wordpress, wich is not totaly true. I’m using Ithemes Secrutity here, with change of admin url, brute force protection… The all package. I’m not sys admin, but the security basics were in place. The worst is that i saw the hack receiving email from ithemes that some host was rejected due to to many attempts of login. I made the mistake to trust ithemes to be enough to protect me from a basic attack.

It was not.

As i said, i’m a using a cool french mutualised host named O2switch. They protect account against other hacked account from recursive hacking. But they dont protect your account against the recursivity. Once they entered my server, hackers could (and had) infected all my other PHP script.

Well, i took me 3 weeks to reinstall all my WP, all my script, purge BDD, change access… and everything is back to the normal. So let’s talk about the contest now !

Wix Seo Hero Contest : what happened the last three weeks ?

Well the first big thing is that from now, Wix is leading is own contest, ranked around 80 position, all the other competitors parked behind… So far, i see two challengers leading, the first is beanseohero.com, wich is getting a lot of variation, dropping from page 1 to page 8, and Walid from seo-hero.tech, wich have a very regular place in the top 3. Seoherocontest.xyz is a member of the top 20, so far.

From now it seems that we are around 200 competitors, wich is a little bit less than i thought. But we have to wait, because some other heroes can bring forward masked, using satellits to rank from now, and redirects everything on the last straight line.

This week review is a little bit poor, but it will be better next week !