Today’s post will be a little bit different than those i made before. I’m actually watching the Australian Open and the perspective of a final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal make me think about parallelism between tennis and SEO.

I Do SEO like I play tennis

I’m an old amateur tennis player, doing tournaments since years. One of the reason i love so much SEO is that, for me, there is a real paralelism between a tennis match and a SERP match. For me, an SEO SERP is just like a tennis tournament, if you want to win, you have to be better than your opponent. This is simple as this.

The thing is there is two ways to reach this goal, the first one is to focus on you, to do your best, using your best weapons to beat the other guy. On the opposit, the second way to win a match is to focus on your opponent, doing all that you can to piss him, doing all that you can to make him miss instead of making you winning the match.

There is no good way, everyone is free to do as he want, the only thing who matter is who win at the end, no matter how. It’s a personnal choice.

To simplify, you can be offensive and creative, building with your own hands your opportunitys, or you can be defensive and boring, hoping that your opponent will do the mistake you need to win on him. It’s Federer against Nadal. It’s style versus works.

Well, let’s talk about Wix challenge Week 9 from now

Wix made an SEO Hero video on Youtube and an SEO Quizz

What did wix this week ? A video, a quizz, an ORM and some articles :

Wix animated Video on Youtube :

Wix just added this video on their website made for the challenge, which include most of their characters including Professor F(ishkin). Talking about Rand, so far we still dont know if their is a deal between Wix and Moz for using of Fishkin’s image nor if Moz’s CEO is playing for Wix nor if Fishkin was simply not aware about Wix’s plans !

What about the SEO Quizz ?

If you want to, you can test your SEO’s knowledge with Wix quizz. This is a basic quizz and there is nothing much to say about it, but it’s a part of Wix story telling which i have to admit is really good.

What is an ORM ?

If you read others blogs, you will see a lot the “ORM” term. As a french frog, i did not know what was this strange thing. An ORM is an Online Reputation Management. We use to call that e-reputation in France. In fact, Wix put a lot of works on their Hero Website and this is a really good publicity for their system.

Some articles about backlinks

Well, Wix do not help me. Really. They are writing about SEO basics, without any creativity, so far, Wix SEO school is like SEO elementary School. So, they are writing content as much as they can about everything related to SEO.

A new success Story : Boyce equipment

Wix follow his strategy, they know that a lot of people are reading their website, so they use it for branding value. Good point for them, they would be wrong to not use the visibility they have with the contest. I dont even read the story, I’m pretty sure Boyce Equipment made billions using Wix CMS…

Wix is paying adwords and Facebook ADS

You are not dreaming. Wix is really buying adwords for “seo hero” request. Do they think their is a correlation between Ads and Search ?

After my hack, somes are noticing about Negative SEO

Dont worry, the negative SEO we are talking about is “just” a poor backlink campaign. So far, this kind of negative campaign has no effect about ranking. But, the ambiancy in this contest is not so fun :

  • Some are hacked
  • Some are wasting time buying negative SEO backlink campaign
  • One is still barking after other SEO’s websites

I’m preparing some review about french SEO Tools

I’m tired with this weekly review (but i will continue it) so i will start another part on this blog about tools made for help your SEO. I think i will start with SERPOSCOPE, my Open Source Keyword Position Tracker.