Need to speed up your writing skills ?

As an SEO Hero, you are use to produce texts et you have obviously encountred problems with directive transmission. I’m sure you are use to type your request, scrap Google suggest and send all of this to your best redactor. This techniques works for sure, but it’s take time and it is not optimized. More the topic is hard to understand, more there is a risk that your redactor don’t understand well what you are expecting from him.

YourTextGuru : Content Writer Assistant

If you have already done content writing, you know, having an idea is good, but then still need to have things to say about, which is interesting.
When it’s an area that you already know, in fact it’s going pretty well. But it’s well known that a web editor only builds on what he knows .  So we need to go in search of information if we want to produce quality content to meet both engine requirements and users.
And that’s where the YourTextGuru tool makes sense. He will make you win (to you or the person in charge of writing) efficiency. better work in less time, it is not beautiful life? The tool will generate you the desired number of writing guides you want. A real roadmap for the person in charge of content creation.
For this, however, there is an essential requirement to respect: the choice of the request. It must be as accurate as possible to increase the effectiveness of the tool. The longer and more precise the request, the more relevant the guide will be.
” How to write text optimized for the web “will give much better results than” optimized text “for example. Let us go to practice.

Here is your dashboard. You can order a new guide or download your previous guides. You can see that i had use YourTextGuru on the SEO Hero Contest.

This is the first screen you have when you open the PDF (availaible in .txt and HTML to). It’s explain you the best way to use a writing guide.

YourTextGuru is a service that provides writing help guides, compared to an earlier query, with the avowed goal of saving you time.
These guides are generated through algorithms that operate in two parts:
Imitation of treatment done by a search engine on the relevance of textsDocumentary research assisted by informatics: retrieval of texts related to the topic and determination of key key expressions. Thanks to automation, we are pleased to offer affordable prices for all.

Writing texts for websites is a specific style exercise:

the web is not a newspaper or a catalogue, the screen is not the paper.
To successfully hang a reader on a web site, it is necessary to write in a clear, expert and efficient manner.
Clarity is essentially the skills of the writer who will bring it, for the rest, YourTextGuru is there.
Writing as an expert, without spending too much time A good text is first a text that responds to the problem of the reader (and also the search engine). To do this, the lexical field in the text is in tune with the expectations of each.
Traditionally, the best editors take time to understand this lexical field. This time is money, and to save time and money, YourTextGuru allows you to shorten this lexical learning phase by providing the key vocabulary to write a text for a specific request and revealing the compatibility between the words of this text.
Some of our testers make sure that they won 25% of the writing time thanks to our tool!

Here is the Guide ! Made for a 300 words text. You have words to place in your text, and zone where to place it, like title, chapter, subtitles etc… Cant be more simple !

You are given the terms and expressions to include in title, subtitles (with variants if desired), in the paragraphs… briefly all the dirty work is prepared. but dont forget that the tool does not write for you, it is a drafting aid. You will still have a bit of work, write clearly, be critical of the proposed terms. The tool is not perfect, it can reveal terms or entities you don’t want/can not use. That’s just a Guide

What difference between Premium Guide and OneShot Guide?

The Premium Guide is designed to provide a list of all essential and important words related to a request. The Premium Guide allows you to know the right words to use, but leaves quite free about writing. You can write short texts as well as very long texts by following a Premium Guide.
The Oneshot Guide is designed to provide a canvas for writing a text of about 300 words. You don’t get a complete list of important words for your article, but rather a sample that makes it possible to make a 300 words text relevant.
The Oneshot Guide is very nuanced, while the Premium Guide leaves the degree of optimization that you want freely to apply.
The Premium Guide has the advantage of providing a fine overview of your thematic vocabulary. This means that it can allow you to think of specific angles to use in your texts.

In my guide, some words are weird!?

YourTextGuru is based on statistical algorithms. That is, we’re looking at a corpus of pages that talk about the topic that interests you in making a generative model.
That means that the words encountered can sometimes be strange… but those are many words that are right. Other people who speak the same subject use these words (in their texts or in elements attached to the texts). You have an interest in using them also to give good measure.
Do not necessarily seek to understand why these words are there, find just a wording that goes well to use them in your text.
For example, in the case of the Mont saint Michel guest Room request I find the word foot? You can use it in completely different phrases like:
Hiking by foot
At the foot of Mont Saint Michel
Today I got off the right foot.
Mont Saint Michel is the foot.
If you have difficulty knowing what to do with these more problematic words, we recommend that you generate your guides using more precise (often longer) queries, then you will get more precise guides, with less surprising terms. Remember, YourTextGuru offers writing help guides. He does not write for you;)

I have the impression that it lacks words in the Oneshot Guide that I just generated?

YourTexGuru is based on statistical algorithms to generate guides. Thanks to a generative model, we propose Guides Oneshot, made to write a text. That is, each single Oneshotest Guide, but also that a Oneshot Guide is made to help in the drafting of a particular text. This text is basic to be calibrated to approximately 300 lengths of lengths.
With such a length, it is normal that it is not possible to adequately address your subject. Therefore, the Oneshot Guide plays its full role: helps to write a text by respecting a “natural” vision of writing.
If you want to make a longer, more complete, more comprehensive text, prefer using a Premium Guide.
Remember, YourTextGuru offers writing help guides. He does not write for you;)

Is YourTextGuru essential?

Of course, essential is a big word. At present, I would say that the tool has a very big potential and that we must clearly keep an eye on it, especially in SEOs, for whom this represents a non-negligible advantage. The editors may be interested in this but will not depend on it. YourTextGuru will be able to provide a supplement to research in order to gain some time, but its potential will probably be felt over time, because it is understood that it grows, becomes richer and later parfera.
Keep in mind that YourTextGuru is just starting its beta, yet it already offers a real more. A beautiful initiative that I had to mention there ! A real help on the SEO Hero Contest.

In the end, a real writing tool if you are reluctant to write or if you don’t know much about a topic and you don’t want to waste too much time in the search for vocabulary. YourText. guru will prove to be a semantically and structurally very efficient handle.